Accomplishments of the Third Way Think Tank

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Third Way Think Tank

Hawaii native Bill Reeves is a financial executive, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who actively contributes to community-based organizations across Hawaii. Currently, Bill Reeves serves as a partner at Blue Mountain Capital Management and as a board member for the Third Way.

Based in Washington, DC, the Third Way is a centrist public policy think tank founded in 2005. The organization is divided into four divisions: economics, national security, clean energy, and social politics. The Third Way has been referred to as the future of think tanks by Reuters, and has accomplished multiple policy successes since its inception. These include, but are not limited to:

Fostering clean energy discussions that included a White House summit, new federal rules, and new bipartisan legislation.
Leading an effort that resulted in $3 trillion in budget reductions.
Helping maintain educational testing and accountability standards.
Informing presidential action on gun violence.
Proposing rules that saved billions of dollars in federal pension systems.


How Third Way Is Affecting Public Policy on Clean Energy

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Third Way Capital Markets Initiative

Bill Reeves is a Hawaii-based businessman and one of the founders of Blue Crest Capital Management, a hedge fund with offices in London, New York, Boston, Geneva, Connecticut, and Singapore. An active philanthropist, Bill Reeves is involved in various groups and organizations based in Hawaii and other states. He currently serves as a board member at Third Way.

Established in 2005, Third Way is a public-policy think tank based in Washington D.C. The organization is focused on three main activities: policy idea development, public opinion research, and issue briefings. The core mission of Third Way is to encourage the governing of the United States of America from the center, and it focuses on impacting key issues such as deficit reduction, education reform, and clean energy.

For its involvement in clean energy, Third Way has facilitated new policy discussions surrounding advanced nuclear technology. The organization believes that the country is in need of energy sources that do not contribute to climate change. This belief spurred policy discussions that addressed the role of the government in encouraging the private sector to further innovate nuclear reactors. The policy discussion has engaged the White House, the Department of Energy, and Congress and has culminated in the introduction of bipartisan legislation providing the government access that new companies need to commercialize their nuclear reactors.