Punahou School’s PUEO Program

PUEO Program pic

PUEO Program
Image: punahou.edu

Bill Reeves is a Yale University graduate and Hawaii resident with more than 20 years of experience in the financial sector. The cofounder of Blue Crest Capital Management, Bill Reeves sold his company holdings in 2010 and now supports charitable causes, notably those that benefit Hawaii’s education system. He provided startup finances for Punahou School’s Clarence T. C. Ching PUEO (Partnerships in Unlimited Educational Opportunities) program.

PUEO assists middle and high school students in reaching their high academic potential through group mentoring, summer school classes, and year-round educational activities.

The program’s six-week summer courses address student-specific needs and areas of weakness and conclude with a student-led oral presentation to peers and teachers. Students also visit four postsecondary campuses on the island and speak to counselors to better prepare for college life.

PUEO-led academic events throughout the year include an annual spring luau, environmental stewardship field trips, poetry workshops, and the Lacy Veach Day of Discovery, which includes science- and engineering-based activities.


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