Basic Open Water Swimming Safety

Open Water Swimming pic

Open Water Swimming

A partner at BlueMountain Capital Management, Bill Reeves of Hawaii gained international recognition in the finance industry when he cofounded the New York-based hedge fund firm BlueCrest Capital Management. In his free time, Bill Reeves of Hawaii enjoys staying active through open water swimming.

Open water swimming can be unpredictable and more dangerous than pool swimming. Ideally, people who are learning to swim should not practice in open water. Doing so puts them more at risk getting swept underwater by a current and even drowning. Regardless of skill, open water swimmers should always check the weather and current conditions where they plan to swim. Strong currents can quickly take swimmers off track and into dangerous spots. Further, it is always a good idea to go swimming with at least one other person. This way, if there is an emergency, swimmers can help look out for each other to prevent major disasters.

Depending on the area in which a swimmer plans to go, learning about the local sea life can keep swimmers safe and calm. If sharks or jellyfish are common in an area, swimmers can be on the lookout to keep from getting bitten or stung. At a lake, swimmers should consider the level of bacteria in the water. Many areas close after rainstorms to protect against this, but if they do not, swimmers should be aware of the risk.

While all these minor safety points can decrease a swimmer’s risk, emergencies can still happen. To stay safe, swimmers should know how to handle certain currents, animal encounters, and any other situations they may experience.


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